What Is Biocoin

BIOCOIN is the first Real estate company in the world equitize by Cryptocurrency. Bio Estate Solutions Pvt. Ltd, SINCE 2008 is incorporated under Company Law 1956. and its registration Number U702OMH2008PTC187042 (INDIA). A fast growing Realty Business Group. Major focused on affordable apartment complex, N.A. Plots Bungalows, Row Houses. Area of operation Dahanu, Murbad, Ambernath, Titwala, Badlapur, Kalyan, Karjat, Sindhudurg, other parts of Maharashtra, Goa & Uttar Pradesh (UP). ''BIO ESTATE SOLUTIONS'' is a household name across the country.

The path chosen by India in the early nineties in liberalizing and integrating its economy in the global context it increase significant results to the Indian economy and real estate growing at a healthy pace. The real estate sector is key sector of Indian economy and therefore, it is a big driver of economic growth. It is the second-largest employment-generating sector after agriculture. Growing at a rate of about 20% per annum and this sector has been contributing about 5-6% to India's GDP. Not only does it generate a high level of direct employment, but it also stimulates the demand in over 250 ancillary industries such as cement, steel, paint, brick, building materials, consumer durables and so on. The Indian real estate is having great influence of government's policy, to allow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in this sector, there was a boom in investment and developmental activities. The sector not only witnessed the entry of many new domestic realty players but also the arrival of many foreign real estate investment companies including private equity funds, pension funds and development companies entered the sector lured by the high returns on investments. The real estate sector has been riding through many highs since then. According to survey, the real estate industry ranks third among the 14 major sectors in terms of direct, indirect and induced effects in all sectors of the economy. The Planning Commission estimates that by 2030, about 600 million people will live in cities. Affordable housing therefore is a huge demand and the industry has a large gap to meet, with shortage seen among the low income groups.

Now the company is entered into cryptocurrency named as BIOCOIN. Biocoin is a crypto currency, a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to control its creation and management. Founder, Chairman & MD. CA. SHIVAJI WALAKE FCA, ACS, L.L.B, CISA (USA), CIA (USA) PAST SR. VICE-PRESIDENT OF CITIBANK NA, USA has launched a Biocoin by incorporating a limited company, “Bio Online Pte. Ltd.” from Singapore, having registered office at, 11, Collyer Quay, # 14-02 The Arcade, Singapore - 049 317. The launch rate of biocoin is One USD ( 1$ ) i.e. 70 INR (incl. charges, if any). The Biocoin crypto can mine upto 180 million Biocoin. Mining set-up is at Thailand. Biocoin is a derivative based on land bank worth 5000 Crores INR i.e. USD 770 million. Technical and other support system is more powerful than any other crypto currency in the global market, server is based at USA. Biocoin is an “open source technology” that means many developers get an opportunity to develop Biocoin at individual level in future. Biocoin is peer to peer transferable and absolutely secured.